Home organization go’s to new heights

Organizing your home is very important

You and I both know that a cluttered home can cost you lot's of money.  If you cannot find things you are looking for.  You end up buying something you already have.  It never fails that as soon as you buy the item, it turns out it was stuffed under the steps or behind the suitcase.  You know it always works like that, you buy it and now you have two of them.  It can be very costly in the long run.

Rafterpacker has come up with some options you now have to organize you stuff.  You have more home storage than you thought.  All your rafters are now set up for storage. They have come out with these steel spring retractable hangers that allow you to separate and organize all your belongings.  You can find endless storage within your basement rafters.  You can also use these in your garage and under your deck.  This may not seem important, but not only will you be totally organized, but you will know everything you have and where it is.  The best part is they are very inexpensive.  I think there as good of storage item as ever invented.  They are just awesome, and you can install them yourself. This was just a few more tips about the Rafterpackers. One more thing, you gain all your floorspace back.


Mr storage has something you need

We have something new to show you.  This awesome home storage package can change the storage for your entire home.  I am talking, clothes,shoes, holiday decorations.  I'm talking early Christmas presents, just anything and everything that will fit, will store in your rafters at your house.  It's almost to good to be true, but it's not, these are here, manufactured and in many many homes.  Those homes were just the test homes in the state of Missouri.  You know the show me state. Well I have something to show you.

This is just the beginning of what all a simple little spring hanger can do.  Next the clean up.    See the amazing results from using the new rafterpacker hangers.  Not only amazing, it's also incredable.  These are a win win...



And there is more, now we will show you how to put up shelves on the same hangers.  You can clear out your closets and hang everything on our clothes rod.  Next I am going to show how simple the installation is.  You know you can probably use these hangers.  You probably know somebody else that can use these hangers.  Call me, and I will give you a deal you cannot refuse.  Now think about it, a few hangers, boxes, or the storage locker.  You can always just do nothing of coarse.

Timothy 1-314-853-6715

So Simple yet so Effective

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn one week you can go from

to . After installed you don't even notice them. These are the neatest little gadget for storage on the market. So so simple and yet so effective. Hope These help with all your home storage needs...

Newly found storage space for homeowners

A little more on rafterpackers

Some features">

A Dollar over cost

If you would like to organize your home, I got some hangers I will sell you a dollar over cost.  This means for $5.00 you can have a set of hangers.  If you smile like my customers do, you will make both our days.  You can install these yourself, and get all your floorspace back as well as organize your home.  These hangers come two to a set with hardware, label amd directions.  You can utilize your basement, garage, and even install them under your deck.  Sometimes the simplest little gadgets can be the most effective.  These come with a lifetime guarantee, or a sixty day money back guarantee included in deal.  I need to sell some to get them out there.  So take advantage of this deal threw may. Just think storage can be a snap. So what do you think.  Are these something you or somebody you know can use.  Thanks


Here to help

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Troubles with online marketing.

You know what the trouble with online marketing is. I hope you grew up using computers first of all. Then you need a product, and if you are lucky enough to have one, the problems just started.  How do I go about selling something online.  Well join the club, you and ninety seven percent of the people selling online have not figured that out yet.  Then we start looking for some help to find out what to do.  One after another ripoff gets us, over and over until we quit or run out of money.  In my case it happened so quick, I was not done getting set up and found I was already out 5000 large. It was like buying your first car. It just needs a little work  We can fix it up.  Well you get the point. So now that I have learned that scams is the reason ninety seven percent of people fail.  Now I have learned what's going on, I still have not figured out how to do much, but I am not getting beat as bad anymore.  Even if a person is on the up and up, I don't believe them. I can see light at the end of the tunnel. It is nowhere near this bright, but it's light 

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