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Tell me why not use the shelves that came with your home

Tell me why You would not want to use these shelves that came with your house.  The whole ceiling in your basement is shelves.  I know that if you can see how much storage space these shelves make. You might just find out that this space was meant for storage.  You just need these hangers and viola, just like that you can have endless storage.  You have the shelves and we made some hangers for you to make these into storage shelves.  I am going to give you some step by step video's.

Now I need you to know they are so simple that it just seems to be too good to be true. Here's the thing, if you found out that if you could put a gas additive in your car for Two dollars and get an extra Ten miles to the gallon, you would by a case.  Well right now you can have a shelf in the ceiling of your basement for Four dollars.  Get two and a half cubic feet of shelving for Four dollars.  These cost $ 7.95 per set of two.  So here the thing if you buy a set for the $ 7.95 and get a second set free.  That comes to just under $ 4.00 per set.  Now I know these will help you get your home organized, and I also know this is a very affordable price.  Best of all is you don't have to get everything done in a day.  You just need get started.  Once you see how simple we have made this home storage system to be, You will never build another shelf in your basement.

So friends if they would take you rafters and turned them on their side against the wall of your basement, you would have a nice and neat wall of Ten inch deep shelves with Fourteen inch space in between each row.  Now wouldn't that be nice a whole wall of shelves. You would have storage shelves all the way from one end to the other.  So to get you to understand what I am saying, You have these shelves, they are just overhead.  So pick a spot in your basement for storage.  Measure area and send them to me at Rafterpacker.  I will set you up with everything you need for area.  You need to think about purchasing Two sets, because you get Two sets free.  This is the way to get started.  You can do one shelf and Two boxes.  You will be surprised at the amount of space you get back just for just under Sixteen dollars.  You try these and if you don't like them, just send them back and we will be glad to send your money back.  We are even offering free shipping.  So tell me isn't organizing your basement or garage worth Sixteen dollars.  You are dealing with a guy that has been in business for over Thirty years.  Thanks Tim    












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